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Koya Abe
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Koya Abe - Animism
At the time that I completed Digital Art Chapter 4: Hara-kiri, I contemplated creating a corresponding project...eventually started to work on the visual aspect of the project. Then, in March 2011 the castastrophic events of the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami occurred in northeastern Japan, the region that was in the center of the devastation. My family has a long history in the area and the disaster was personal. It was an indescribable feeling to me–I saw that the places where I had spent my childhood had been physically wiped away. It was undeniably a real event, but in my mind, it was something more like an abstract experience...At that moment Mt. Fuji crossed my mind...In the Japanese perspective a human being belongs to nature and is simply a product of nature. When a person dies, the person returns to nature: he becomes land. This is the circle...