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Copyright Information
Rights and Permissions

A Note to Visitors: Please contact the artist's representative to requesting permission to the use any images for any publishing purposes, including all online and reproduction in print, and for any questions that you may have regarding rights, the artist or the artwork. On the page below is more information about general use policies, and further below is more detailed info about copyrights and permisssions.

The artist welcomes requests from educators, researchers, writers, curators, and others. We will try to respond to your request as soon as possible. Thank you.

All of the artwork and images of works of visual art represented on this website, and all aspects of the website, including images, digital files, graphic images & elements, arrangement, and the literary works and other text shown on the website are copyright © Koya Abe 1997-2021. All rights are reserved. Images of the works of visual art and literary works may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder except as required by law.

About requests in general:

Editorial and press uses: For editorial and other publication based uses requiring high resolution or "clean" images or other requests, please contact the artist’s representative to request licensing permission. Please include information about the intended use, media (online or print, preferred resolution, etc.) and anticipated dates of use and a response will be made as soon as possible. We will try and meet your deadline, but please contact us at least a week in advance whenever possible. 

Commercial uses of any kind are not permitted without the artist's agreement and the express written authorization of the artist/copyright holder or his legal representative.

Education related uses:  Please contact the representative for any questions about the artwork and/or to request licensing permission when applicable. The artist is generally welcome to educational uses.  It is helpful if you can describe your intended use, and a response will be made as soon as possible.

Personal & all others:  For any use or questions, please contact the representative for information and/or to request licensing permission when applicable.   If in doubt, please send us an e-mail and a response will be made as soon as possible. Also, see below for detailed information.

For any and all uses, including but not limited to all licenses granted and any use that is solely provided by law, a copyright notice must be clearly visible on the face of the material, or if printed, directly adjacent to the image, stating in clearly readable text that the image is copyrighted, the © mark, the artist's name (Koya Abe), and the year of original creation. This applies to all uses of the Material on this website and any reproductions of the artwork acquired from any and all sources, unless otherwise authorized by the artist or his legal agent in writing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Legal & copyright information (the fine print)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE, legal notice, concerning the artwork and website content:

Definitions:  The following definitions apply to the information stated on this page. "Website" unless otherwise stated, means the website located at, including all subpages and ancillary pages, including that which is identified as and subpages and ancillary pages, regardless of (URL) location or serve location. The "artist" means Koya Abe, his heirs and assignees. "Material" is all artwork images, works of visual art, images of works of visual art, digital files, html code, graphic images and elements, arrangement, literary work and other text, displayed on or forming a part of the website ( and sub pages).  Material also includes reproductions made of these articles, regardless of where they may be located or displayed.  "Reproduction" means any form of copying or duplication, including but not limited to downloading, printing, facsimile transmittal (fax), scanning, photocopying, photographing, screenshots or digital duplication/copying.  (Note: merely viewing, without other action, in a web browser without otherwise downloading or copying the material is acceptable without specific authorization, as a means of viewing/accessing the website content).  "Distribution" means any form of dissemination of the website material, including artwork images, by the means of, but not limited to, electronic communication (web, e-mail, messaging, server transfers, etc.), by fax, or any other type of transfer in physical or digital form or any form.  "Commercial use" is any form of sale, lending, renting, distribution, promotion or advertising, or any display associated with goods or services for sale or for potential sale or for trade in kind or otherwise or for promotional purposes, regardless of whether such actions or associations generate monetary revenue.  "Internet" includes but is not limited to the physical devices and communication processes known as the "world wide web," and electronic visual communications, telecommunication, texual communications, distance data transfer, audio communications and related processes and services, and related devices and functions which effect such communciations. Internet also means any such process, device, function or service so designated in the future, or serving a similar or related function. "Online" means any form of display or dissemination that is viewable or accessible via the internet or any intranet/extranet or network, to anyone or to or upon any device.  "Public display," in the context of this statement, means any form of exhibition or display of the material, including physical or visual display or by online presentation, which can potentially or actually be viewed, either simultaneously or non-simultaneously, by more than one person.

Copyrights are reserved:  Nothing stated herein is intended to imply, and does not create, and shall not be construed to create any license to reproduce, copy, display, disseminate or create a copy or derivative work of any image, artwork, work of visual art, literary work, or the text shown on the Website, or any other component of the Website. Notwithstanding the afore condition and the artist's reservation of rights, any use of the materials that may be granted in the future, unless otherwise expressly agreed, must include attribution (artist’s name) and signify that the work is protected by copyright.  For any and all uses, a copyright notice must be clearly visible on the face of the material, or if printed, directly adjacent to the image, stating in clearly readable text that the image is copyrighted, the © mark, the artist's name (Koya Abe), and the year of original creation, unless otherwise directed by the artist or his agent. The applies to all Material shown on the website andy all artwork of the Artist that may have been acquired or taken from any and all sources, unless otherwise authorized by the artist or his legal agent. The copyright notice should be in the form presented in association with the image on the website, and in addition, must also comply with any local standards for such a notice if they differ from the website format or the terms of this notice. Nothing herein the website should be construed as an offer for sale, lease, or lending. No such offer is made. Nothing herein should be construed as offering the artwork or any part of the website for public display or dissemination, with only the exception of the necessary requirements for normal viewing of the website online. There is no offer for public display or dissemination. Nothing herein is intended to be permission to distribute or display or reproduce Material without express authorization. Nothing herein is intended to be an offer for use, purchase, distribution, or reproduction of Material. Commercial uses of any kind, without express written permission of the artist or his legal representative, are strictly forbidden.
Irrespective of any other term or condition herein, or any term of any potential agreement that could be made, the artwork shall not be used in connection with any publication or organization or individual that pertains to, supports, implies, or condones any form of violence against any person, criminal activity, or unlawful discrimination. The artwork shall not be used in any way that demeans, attacks, or otherwise harasses or discriminates against any person or group of persons on the basis of actual or perceived race, national origin, alienage, age, sex, gender, sexual-orientation, religion, or immigration status, or which encourages any person or entity to do so or to engage in such conduct. Such uses are expressly prohibited. The Material may not be used to promote any political position or advertisement without express written permission of the artist or copyright owner. To the extent that any terms herein are ambiguous, or to the extent that there is any actual or perceived conflict of any term, then the statement at issue shall be construed as fully reserving the copyright owner's rights. Irrespective of any license or absence of a license, view of the website should be construed as agreeing to the term that any online use of the material must include a link back to either this page ( or the main website page ( within the “file info” section, or similiar, of a digital image file or in print adjacent to the image or text. Again, the afore is not intended and shall not create any license or permission to reproduce, display, or disseminate any images, text or material from or contained in the Website.  If any term or condition herein is found to be unlawful or ineffective or made in error, the remaining terms shall survive and the rights of the artist/copyright holder shall be construed as fully reserved. Any such dispute shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York and by the laws of the United States of America. In the event of any legal dispute, by accessing the website, the licensee or putative licensee agrees that the Courts of the State of New York, United States of America, located in New York City, New York, are the proper venue for any such dispute. By performing any acts that may be permitted by this statement or agreement, the person or entity taking such action, including any agents of an entity or person, agrees to be bound by the terms and acknowledges that notice of the copyrights of the materials has been received by said person or entity.

These terms and conditions of use may be altered or amended at any time by the copyright holder/owner and any such alterations or amendments are retroactive unless otherwise stated. Agreement to these Terms of Use is self-executing. To the extent that any license may be stated or implied, such license may be altered or revoked by the copyright owner at any time. The afore statement does not, and is not intended to create any license to use the Material. Material, including images, text, or other material from or contained in the website shall not be altered, modified, or mutilated in any manner. Any use, including but not limited to any unauthorized use, that includes altered, modified, or mutilated versions or copies of the material, excluding limited excerpts of text, shall be deemed as violating and injuring the artist's rights, including but not limited to his rights of integrity, attribution, reputation, and other rights associated with visual art, trademark, and copyright in the artwork. Alteration, modification, and mutilation includes but is not limited to cropping an image, removal or obscuring of any copyright mark or indication of the artist's identity, removal of attribution, a derivative work, or any other changes to the material (excluding properly attributed limited excerpts of written text).
Other than the limited uses permitted by the law of the United States of America all rights are reserved. All rights of reproduction, distribution, public display, creation of derivative works, publication, and any form of commercial use, or transfer, or other use, are expressly retained. Additional and other uses, or any exceptions to this statement/agreement, may be authorized only upon the express written permission of the artist/author or copyright holder/owner.  

Please feel free to contact the artist’s representative for any information, questions, or permission requests at  Thank you