Theories in Digital Composite Photographs, by Dr. Yihui Huang includes an analysis of Koya Abe's work amongst the featured artists. Koya's After Young Man Beside the Sea, from his Analogies project is shown on the cover.

Dr. Huang discusses Koya's background, cultural and personal influences, along with an in depth critical analysis of his artwork. Several aspects of Koya's Digital Art/Topology of Art chapter series projects are discussed, including Drowning Girl (Topology of Art Chapter 9: Duplication/American Original), After Louis XIV (Digital Art Chapter 3: Display), Digital Art Chapter 2: Seamless, #14 (Digital Art Chapter 1.5), Café Scene (Digital Art Chapter One), Study of Leonardo da Vinci (Topology of Art Chapter 7 / Topology), After Sunshu Ejiri (Digital Art Chapter 6: Animism), After Young Man Beside the Sea (Digital Art Chapter 5: Analogies), and Minowa kanasugi Mikawshima (Aesthetic(s) | Topology of Art Chapter 8).

Theories in Digital Composite Photographs 12 Artists and Their Work by Dr. Yihui Huang is published by Routledge/Focal Press and is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.

Current and Recent Exhibits

Koya Abe's Red Fuji, from his Animism series, is on view at the British Museum through May 2019. The Animism series is, in part, Abe's response to the 2011 tsunami catastrophy in the Tohuku region of Japan, to which he has a connection. In Red Fuji, Abe has removed Mt. Fuji from the landscape of Japan, utilizing Hokusai's famous ukiyoe image of the mountain.

Publications, News and Archive Selections

The British Museum has announced the acquisition of Koya Abe's Animism series of 26 prints, with the support of the JTI...
Posted by Koya Abe on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cabinet of Curiosities "From Showroom to Studio: Artists Repurpose Ikea... " by Emma Allen, in the June 2013 print issue of ARTnews, features Koya Abe's After Louis XIV from the Digital Art Chapter 3: Display project.

"...For Abe, the project is about "transmitting an ideal version of one's own image," whether sitting for a flattering portrait with one's finest trappings or by frequenting a store that "presents highly designed objects and spaces that ingeniously reflect the consumer's desire to enhance his or her perception of self-image." "

Japanese art periodical Bijutsu Forum 21 (volume 23) includes an article by Nobutaka Takeda, "Gazing at Ingres–the Reception of Grande Odalisque by Japanese Artists." After the Grand Odalisque, from the Analogies project, is among the works discussed.

"Koya Abe...with one eye on cultural sterotypes of the East and the other on the "Wild West" of Hollywood movies and tourist destinations...This cultural crossover is both amusing and disconcerning in its blend of mythologies."

Art Reviews; Journeys That Bring Joy and Fear, Helen A. Harrison

Press Releases

December 2010-February 2011: Koya Abe, The British Museum, Recent Acquisitions

The British Museum has recently acquired several works by contemporary visual artist Koya Abe, including Mechanism of Impression from the Digital Art Chapter One series, along with After the Bather, After Andrea Doria as Neptune, After Young Man Beside the Sea, and After the Toilet of Venus from Abe's Digitla Art Chapter 5: Analogies series...After the Bather will be on display in the British Museum's upper floor Japanese Galleries through mid-February 2011... full text (pdf)

January 2010: The acquistion of Koya Abe's After the Grand Odalisque by Musée Ingres

The Ingres Museum of Montauban, France has recently acquired Koya Abe's After the Grand Odalisque, a digitally constructed photographic work from the artist's Digital Art Chapter 5: Analogies series. The work was included in the museum's aclaimed Ingres et les Modernes exhibition in 2009... full text (pdf)

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