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Koya Abe
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oya Abe - Topology of Art
Art History, as a scholarly study of the development of art, is typically formulated through a linear and hierarchical model. This approach relies on a basic principle–the influence of earlier works and earlier artists as a chronological base. This is one way to see art. In this project I took a different approach and I utilized the principles of topology as a conceptual foundation. Topology is a field of study in mathematics and geometry, and it tells us that certain physical relationships–correlations–are the true character of physical form. These correlations, or spatial connections, are the actual essence of form, and the particular physical form (the object that we perceive) is a byproduct of the topological relationships...The result of topological processing for this project produces a visual answer, but it also produces another question. It asks, “what is the essence of art and its process of development?” This shows that another understanding of art can coexist with academic art history–as a non-euclidian art history–and through this approach, the essentially topological character of art is exposed.